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Golden West GW 0008 (FAO 180) non-GMO corn hybrid

Great for grain and silo production

Golden West non-GMO corn hybrid GW 0008 (FAO 180) – – Patru Agro SRL, Romania
Golden West non-GMO corn hybrid GW 0008 (FAO 180)
  • Days to maturity 80-90;
  • The height of the plants is 180-200 cm;
  • Insertion height of the cobs: 70-90 cm;
  • The cob is 18-20 cm long, with 14-16 rows of grains and red rachis;
  • Yellow grain, flint type;
  • The plants have a well-developed root system, also having a high resistance to breaking and falling;
  • It has excellent seed germination in field conditions, intense growth rate in the initial stages of development;
  • Make the most of the winter moisture reserves in the soil;
  • It is characterized by a good intense rhythm of moisture release from the grains after reaching physiological maturity;
  • The hybrid has a good „stay green”;
  • The hybrid has a good set of grains, the cobs being covered to the top;
  • It has excellent tolerance to drought conditions and those with a deficit of positive temperatures;
  • Shows resistance to the main diseases of corn;
  • It is intended for grain and silo production;
  • Recommended densities:
    • 70,000-80,000 plants per hectare without irrigation;
    • 95,000-105,000 plants per hectare under irrigation conditions.

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